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Leadership speech

Baoshen Zhong


In the 21st century, productivity representative of science and technology changed the human society than any previous significantly changing, and promote human civilization toward prosperity. However, with the development of the economy global warming, petrochemical energy crisis, and the deterioration of ecological environment problems are seriously restricting the development of the society, and becoming the important issue for human beings to confront and solve. 

The birth and rapid growth of clean energy appeared timely. The experience and practice of Europe, the United States and other countries proved that the emergence of new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy would have a clear visible for solving the problems like environment, climate, energy crisis, and realizing the sustainable development goals of human beings for thousand years. Solar energy will become the main force of the clean energy for its abundant and widely distributed characteristics.

Solar power generation has been understood and accepted by governments as clean energy through the efforts of several generations. As for early years' research and application accumulation of semiconductor silicon technology, LONGi share was chosen in global solar industry chain as one of the earliest Chinese solar companies. and LONGi share made its mission and vision blend in this great cause at beginning, and committed to the development of solar industry as far as possible.

LONGi will recognize "Utilizing solar energy, building a green world" as its mission, adhere to enterprise culture of "reliable, value-added and pleasure", create values to clients, make progress with society, and devote themselves to monocrystalline silicon solar energy technology and manufacturing research. Over a decade, LONGi has grown into the world's  largest mono-crystalline silicon wafer suppliers, with its products worldwide. Happily, the decline cost of mono-crystalline silicon and the improvement of efficiency for LONGi are pushing solar power generation into the era of parity. The dream of clean energy that human enjoy solar power generation is becoming a reality.

As Solar people, we are lucky, because we have the opportunity to participate in the great change to realize the sustainable development of human beings in 21st century, and fulfill the responsibility endowed by history. As a mono-crystalline leading enterprise, LONGi people will stick to the mission, hand in hand with society to promote the healthy development of solar industry, and finally realize the solar parity on the Internet, make people enjoy the clean solar energy, let solar power generation benefit all mankind.

Zhen Guo Lee


In the 21st century, the emergence of solar is a global energy revolution. We believe that in the near future, solar industry will create a new ecological civilization. However, the key whether this new form of energy can benefit the public generally is that solar power generation would eventually achieve parity to the Internet. This is the core value of the industrial chain and common goals of solar enterprise.

Perfect crystal structure gives mono-crystalline silicon excellent machining performance and higher conversion efficiency of the battery, which lay the incomparable advantages for promoting cost reduction of monocrystalline silicon solar industry. Since it was founded in 2000, LONGi unswervingly committed to the development and manufacture of mono-crystalline products, in order to "provide quality solar wafers, create greater value for global customers", and committed to the progress and development of solar industry. LONGIi focused on the customer value, insisted on technology leading developing and management promoting growth, promoted continuous reduction cost of monocrystalline, improved product quality, and continuously create value for customers. After ten years' accumulation and development, customers trust make us become the  world's largest monocrystalline silicon wafer manufacturing enterprise.

Today, the solar industry has entered efficient era. Low cost and high efficiency products will lead the solar industry to realize the dream of "parity online" in the next several years. In order to meet customer demand, LONGi is trying to build the world's leading solar power equipment company. Taking advantage of leading field in mono-crystalline, LONGi is making efforts to perfect business layout in solar industry chain, thus provide the most value of solar power products in each link of wafers, cells, components, and power stations and so on to achieve the optimal contribution of solar energy cost responsibility.

To achieve parity online is only a mark of the maturity of the solar industry. In today 's global integration, environment and energy crisis is a problem confronting the whole mankind. To create a brand new earth ecological civilization, solar industry must complete the historical mission of the replacement of traditional energy. This is a very difficult task, requiring joint efforts of different areas, different color of skin, and even several generations. As a leading company in the field of mono-crystalline, LONGi people will continue to carry forward the enterprise culture of "reliable, value-added, cheerful" and are willing to work with all colleagues with solar dream together to achieve our shared solar dream, green dream.