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Formal Opening of (Middle and Senior Managerial Staff Training Camp) Class SMDP0301 of LONGi Corp.

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During Mar. 28 -- 30, the (Middle and Senior Managerial Staff Training Camp) SMDP 0301 of LONGi University was initiated in Louguan Ancient Town, Zhouzhi, Shaanxi. The training focused on how to become an influencer and how to grasp the key behaviors of interested parties to guarantee the achievement of the company's strategy.



Ren Wei, a teacher from KeyLogic Group, taught students the course Influencer, which was a set of influence behavior tools summarized and refined by VitalSmarts of the US on the basis of best practice studies for 30 years. By virtue of practical skills and tools, the course explored secrets behind the changes of team and organizational behaviors in order to effectively promote the implementation of strategies and reforms through finding out the critical leverage points.


In combination with the video material of course, Teacher Ren guided students to understand the Influencer Model by means of discussion and interaction on the actual cases of student groups. Through case drill, students grasped the three core milestone elements, i.e., "clarify measurable results, find vital behaviors, and use six sources of influence", to which an influencer needs to pay special attention. 39 students participated in the three-day course, which benefited both teacher and students through their positive interaction and lively discussion during class. The students were required to submit their feelings and experiences in the study and finish the application of practical case and management behavior translation in line with the cognitive action mode of "inspiration + translation" within 3 months after the course. When all the links are completed, five outstanding influencers will be selected.  Now the editor will take you to go back to the teaching scene.