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Middle & Senior Management Training Camp Phase 0402 of LONGI Formally Opened

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Since Management Training Camp Phase 01, 02 & 03 of LONGI University opened successively, the long expected Phase 01 was held on time this month. Have you found that the students of this phase are sitting upright as if back in the class of the students’ era? Now let me introduce it to you.

The courses of this phase are mainly targeted at the senior management of the group. Based on the overall & employer brand construction being conducted by the company, it aims at enhancing the business etiquette quality of the top management of the company. At the beginning period of this phase, Mrs. Zhang Ling (Expert of image guidance & costume design of CCTV1, expert of State Ministry of Labor who complied the image design standard, expert of Image Commission of Ministry of Education) was especially invited to train the top managers in business etiquette and image design.

Now is the showing of Mrs. Zhang Ling, who is endowed with both beauty and talent.

Look at the new image of the managers. Even I found myself in Xinwen Lianbo (Chinese state-broadcasted television news program).

The managers have also learned many practical business etiquettes. They are assuming an air of importance ~

Smile, appreciation, gratitude and tolerance will make our life much better.

Next are the training courses of this camp. What are they about? To what purpose?

In her address at the opening ceremony, Mrs. Liu Hua, General Manager of Human Resources Center & Executive President of LONGI University made a high generalization of the purpose of the courses and the benefits they may bring.

1. Understand the laws of commercial operation and the essence of business operation; analyze core elements of operational management through complex surface data; enhance thinking capacity of the operational system.
2. Better understand the concept and significance of enterprise operation and turnover; how to care about the company turnover rate and master the core competitiveness against the rivals in the process of operation in order to achieve the operational results and healthy development of the company.
3. Understand how each policy (sales, production, investment, financing, innovative technology) affects the operational results of the company; enhance the quality of policy-making.

4. Master the financial knowledge and principles related to operation; find the orientation and means of improving operation through analysis and understanding of financial dada.

In a circulating ring of thinking, study, practice and promotion, the theme discussion before the courses were heatedly and profoundly organized. The trainees had forward thinking about each link of the value chain and the interconnections between different functions during the operating process of an enterprise and brought these considerations into their studies, to be testified or rectified through the teachers’ guidance and instruction.

Six companies had come into being before the class started. The CEOs will lead each senior manager of this company to complete the two-year simulated operation and to achieve the initially-set strategic goals including share, product quality and market position.

As to sandbox simulation, the apparently simple theatrical properties contain a small universe. In this small space, everyone will enter a genuine operating spot, feeling the tension, anxiety, pleasure and achievements in the market which is like a battlefield…

The mutual support of such links of the industry value chain as production, supply, sales, R&D, strategy and finance may become handicaps to each other. Then how to reach the consistent strategy and target and complete the whole operation? The teachers will give guidance and comments according to the situation of each company.

Through two years of painstaking operation, the share prices of different companies will PK each other. 

The excited mood shown in their facial expressions.

A man with success should share it with others. Hurry to grab a red envelope!

A gathering is always short. The three days’ training ended. The next phase will be more wonderful…

Now let’s listen to the comments of the students.
Student A: I have reaped a good harvest through this training. I only cared about my own functions before, but now I have a profound experience as to overall operation. It’s great!
Student B: Through this experience-oriented training, I have not only learned theories through the teachers’ comments, but also tempered my thinking mode through a large quantity of practice. I have had a profound understanding of finance, market and overall operation.
Student C: For me with the background of finance, this training has not only strengthened my concept of overall situation, but also made me feel the importance of transposition thinking. In fact, success cannot be achieved easily in any field, so I'll take an active part in the training courses in the future.