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Report on the 4th Lecturer Month of LONGi Corp. by Figures

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The 4thLecturer Month of LONGi Corp.

The Lecturer Month of LONGi began in 2013, in which year the lecturers of the Group started to have their own holiday. In 2014, the 2nd Lecturer Month themed on "Strive to Be a Good LONGi Lecturer" was held, and those discussed enthusiastically by the employees were 14 extremely distinguished guests who had stood on the Supreme Rostrum and shared their success stories. In 2015, the training work of the Group was confronted with the transformation from traditional function training to enterprise university, so the 3rd Lecturer Month enabled the employees to experience the future university of LONGi people themselves in advance through the activity themed on "V-Experience of LONGi University".

In 2016, the Lecturer Month of LONGi entered its 4th year. In the event this year, we returned our perspective back to the theme of lecturer cultivation and planned a series of activities with an aim to output more professional and high-quality lecturers to LONGi University in the future.

Open Your 7th Career Development Channel

The Lecturer Month this year was themed on "Open Your 7th Career Development Channel". As Ms. Liu Hua, General Manager of Human Resources Management Center, said in her address at the opening event, "in the future, every employee of LONGi, as a knowledge sharer, skill trainer, management or professional instructor, and so on, will obtain the improvement and development opportunity besides the original six established career development channels in LONGi. LONGi takes much count of the learning, progress, and growth of employees and highly values the lecturers making selfless devotion for a long term. We calls on our employees to exercise themselves and share their experience with others by becoming a lecturer". 
3 online warm-up activities
A lot of O2O (i.e., online to offline) activities were designed for the Lecturer Month this year; three warm-up activities before the opening event increased the sense of participation of employees and shortened the distance with employees through online interactive links.


12 offline activities

12 offline activities were organized for employees to participate during the Lecturer Month this year, which lasted 31 days in total from the road show on Sept. 5 to the appointment with guests of "Let's Talk" every day at noon till the program achievement release during the activity on the date of closing day.
Over 90 employees participating in the opening event on the site
At the opening event on Sept. 7, Ms. Liu Hua, General Manager of Human Resources Management Center, delivered an address in combination with the theme of Lecturer Month. Then, Mr. Li Dingwu, Director of the R&D Center of Silicon Wafer Business Division, gave a splendid lecture titled "Kung Fu Panda -- Which One Comes First, Ability or Confidence?" as the first guest of "Let's Talk" and attracted more than 90 employees.
10 professional pioneers making passionate speeches upon invitation
The activity of "Let's Talk" of LONGi specially invited ten career development models in the employees' eyes within the Group to share their stories happening during career development, unseal our power of career development, and transmit the happiness of thinking through the warmest, most soulful, and most vivid speeches respectively of 45 minutes.
6 outstanding lecturers participating in DDI certification and passing professional certifications of six courses
The DDI (Development Dimensions International) Outstanding Lecturer Certification Program was another big move of the Lecturer Month this year. By introducing in that program with an investment of nearly RMB 300 thousand, LONGi University strove to build a professional lecturer team and provide employees within the Group with high-quality internal training resources comparable to external training. From Jan., 2017, these six courses will be published to employees for application and learning in the form of open course.

33,315 online votes for annual popular lecturers

"Annual Lecturers · Waiting for Your Cheers" was the highlight among the three warm-up activities of the Lecturer Month. A total of 114 lecturers within the Group were involved in the online election of popular lecturers. When the 7-day election ended, the accumulated online votes reached 33,315, triple the total number of Group employees. Finally, the honorable title of Annual Popular Lecturer went to ten lecturers, including Lecturer Wang Xiaohong from Ningxia LONGi, Lecturer Cao Xiaoyan from Xi'an Wafering Plant, and Lecturer Li Chao from the Human Resources Management Center of the Headquarters, among whom Wang Xiaohong won the champion by a large margin -- 1,521 votes.

Acknowledgment The activities of Lecturer Month attracted wide attention of employees within the Group and received strong support from the human resources departments at various levels. We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to the departments below and participants.
Special thanks to:
Co-organizers: Organization Development Section of Human Resources Management Center, Human Resources Dept. of Silicon Wafer Business Division, Human Resources Dept. of LERRI Solar, Human Resources Dept. of LERRI Energy, and Administrative Personnel Dept. of Clean Energy
Chief Editor of "Let's Talk": Gao Jianmin
Guests of "Let's Talk" (in the order of lecture giving): Li Dingwu, Zheng Xiaoyang, Zou Zonghai, Song Zhidong, Tang Xuhui, Wang Yingge, Zheng Xianlin, Xie Dong, Wei Chenggui, and Shang Yaohua
Host Team: Li Yixun, Xiao Yanni, Wang Zhaoying, and Wang Jie
Audio: Yan Honggeng
Cameramen: Wang Yutao and Dong Zhicheng
WeChat Editors: Xu Jingwen and Wang Yutao