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Foster Management Idea, Unify Management Thinking——MBC Training of Middle and Senior Managerial Staff Training Camp Session 0501 of LONGi Corp. SMDP

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The SMDP Middle and Senior Managerial Staff Training Camp of LONGi Corp. is a training program planned by LONGi University for solving the problems in the rapid development of the Company and cultivating the future management team. Four sessions of trainings have been completed up to now, including MTP Management Talent Training, Influencer, etc. The fifth training of Management Basic Course (MBC) is aimed at enriching and completing the management basic courses of the Company and helping newly promoted B+ managerial staff recognize their roles and unify management thinking, in order to rapidly realize the strategic development goal of LONGi Corp.
During Oct. 28 -- 30, 2016, LONGi University of the Human Resources Management Center employed Xue Yuewu, Exclusive Cooperative Lecturer of 51Job, to give a 3-day management basic course training at the Xi'an Lingwu Conference Center, and a total of 30 employees from the Group headquarters and all business divisions and subsidiaries received the training. General Manager Zheng of the Enterprise Management Center and the Human Resources Management Center attended the camp opening ceremony and gave the trainees a training about Basic Requirements for LONGi Cadres, laying a good foundation for the MBC training. He deeply interpreted general requirements for cadres and the competence and work thinking of cadres and stressed that the management cadres of LONGi Corp. should begin with the end in mind and unify knowledge with action to continuously improve themselves.
In the cold golden autumn of October, we received intensive training at the Lingwu Conference Center.
During the exploration into management improvement, we keep LONGi thriving and everlasting.
Fostering the Forward-looking Thinking, Defining the Foothold of Training
To improve the effect of MBC training course, meet the need for management ability training of LONGi Corp. cadres, and effectively solve practical problems in management process, LONGi University actively looked for solutions and provided the most suitable course for employees based on previous diagnosis on the weaknesses in cadre management process. In addition, it put forward definite expectations prior to the training through three links, i.e., management problem survey, training of the requirements for LONGi cadre management, and management-themed discussion, with an aim to make the trainees participate in the training with objectives and stress.
What kind of team is this? Creating a team atmosphere before training to actively explore management similarity
Carrying out pre-training management-themed discussion to improve the effect of MBC training course
Enriching training method to yield rich fruits of training
The trainees learned how to solve problems in class. The teaching modes were enriched by in-class communication, mutual discussion, case study, group competition, after-class conversion application, and class points, which didn't only introduce and clarify the concepts but also helped the trainees firmly grasp what they learned through capability training with cases and apply what they grasped in the practical work immediately after the course.
Being Absorbed ---- Team Close-up
 Colorful Freehand Sketching
Active Interaction between Trainees and Teacher

Beautiful Moment ---- Trainee Close-up

Management Case Test, On-site Drill

Active Discussion between Trainees and Teacher after the Class

Trainees Actively Doing Homework ---- It's self-study time at night!
Many Feelings of Trainees after the Training. Let's have a look at what they said.
Here are the photos of the behind-the-scenes crew:
Trainee Photos
The golden autumn of October is the season of harvest. The current session of training was closed after three days of intense study. Despite the short time, the trainees generally felt they had reaped a good harvest and achieved the expected objectives through carefully listening to the teacher, carefully recording, positively communicating with each other, and actively consulting others. Finally, thanks is extended to the Company leaders, all trainees, and the behind-the-scenes crew for their supports and helps. See you in the training next time!
Exploit your talents after training and learning; stress on practice to promote development;
Continuously learning to expand your mind; a broad stage is waiting for you to challenge.