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Policy and Industry Dynamics

Policy and industry dynamics

Seven PV Top Runner Bases to be Approved and the Olympic PV Corridor in Zhangjiakou Hopefully to be Launched

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Since the phase-one 1 GW project of Datong PV Top Runner Base was launched, PV Top Runner bases have been being much extolled by local governments. In 2016, the beginning year of China's "13th Five-Year Plan" period, various regions successively establish large-scale PV power generation or new energy base as the important content of development in the next five years. Up to now, more than 30 regions and cities have been planning large-scale PV power generation bases, and around ten of them have established mature planning schemes and obtained the approval of relevant authorities.

The National Energy Administration will approve eight PV power generation bases recently. It is learned that these eight bases include seven PV Top Runner bases and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic Yingbin PV Power Generation Corridor. Among numerous regions applying for PV Top Runner bases, Yangquan and Ruicheng in Shanxi, Baotou and Wuhai in Inner Mongolia, Jining and Xintai in Shandong, and Huainan-Huaibei area of Anhui have comparatively complete supporting conditions of land, grid, etc.; therefore the National Energy Administration will probably approve these seven regions to build PV Top Runner bases first. Plenty of preparatory work has been done for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic Yingbin PV Power Generation Corridor in Zhangjiakou before it is approved, and even the tendering for project rights have been started.


According to the Guiding Opinions on Improving the Scale Management over Photovoltaic Power Generation and Implementing the Competitive Allocation of Projects (click to view relevant report) previously issued by the National Energy Administration, the PV power generation of China will manage annual construction scale based on classification, and Top Runner technological bases of PV power generation is one category. "The state shall arrange special construction scale for the Top Runner technological bases of PV power generation every year in order to facilitate the advancement of PV technology and the reduction of cost and electricity price. Relevant departments shall put forward requirements for the technical indicators, construction code, operation, management, and information monitoring and evaluation of base. All regions may lay down their own base planning in combination with comprehensive utilization projects like ecological management in coal (ore) mining subsidence area, facility agriculture, fishery, industrial wasteland, and depleted oilfield and on the premises of a certain scale, relatively concentrated sites, good electric power absorption conditions, and availability for unified construction. Bases shall be in the unit of city in principle, and the planned scale shall not be less than 0.5 GW. PV power station projects in each base shall be allocated in a competitive way."


It is reported that after approving base construction in these regions, the National Energy Administration will review the tendering documents of each base, following which the bases will initiate the tendering for project rights. We will constantly follow the latest planning scheme and relevant tendering documents of every base.


In the future, China will possibly start to establish PV bases on a large-scale basis. For example, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shandong, Ningxia, Jiangsu, and Jiangxi all have planned large-scale PV power generation bases, which will be approved at the right time by the National Energy Administration for establishment.