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LONGi Group with TRW and Yongxiang Corp. signed a cooperation agreement to build Lijiang 5GW monocrystalline silicon rod project

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On January 4, LONGi Group and Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. officially signed a joint venture agreement in the headquarters of LONGi Group in Xi'an, in accordance with the agreement, all parties will be jointly funded to establish the project of 5GW monocrystalline silicon rod in Lijiang which already started by LONGi Group. The Vice President of Strategy and Global Business Operations of Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Chen Shouzhong and the Director Wu Yingjiang; The Director of Tongwei Co., Ltd. and the Chairman and General Manager of Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. Duan Yong, and the Vice General Manager Zhuo Dongju, the Chief Financial Officer Mr. Zhou Bin; The Chairman of LONGi Group Zhong Baoshen, the Director and Silicon Wafer Department General Manager Xu Dapeng, Strategic Development Center General Manager Shang Yaohua, Financial Management Center Chief Investment officer Zhou Yicheng, Enterprise Management Center Legal Director An Xiaoyi, Lijiang LONGi responsible person Chen Runqing and other leaders participated in the signing ceremony.

According to the report, the total investment of Lijiang 5GW monocrystalline silicon rod project was about RMB 2.099 billion, and the project was located in Shilong Dam Clean Energy Industry Park, Huaping County, Lijiang City. The project was started its constructions on December 3, 2016 and was expected to put into operation in the first half of 2018. Because the project is the LONGi Group's leading project in Lijiang full industrial layout, also the source of the industry, so that the project will address the hydropower surplus in Yunnan, and ultimately realize the goal to produce clean energy through the energy itself; After the completion of the project, not only will it achieve 5GW monocrystalline silicon rod effective annual production capacity, but also will effectively promote the local economic development. 
Under the insistence of LONGi Group, the advantages of monocrystalline silicon become more prominent, and the monocrystalline products costs per kilowatt hour of the electricity are gradually reduced. Monocrystalline silicon is changing the line of photovoltaic industry technology. Because of the bright development prospects of monocrystalline photovoltaic industry as well as the advanced monocrystalline technology of LONGi Group, Changzhou Trina Solar Co., Ltd. work with Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. and LONGi Group joint venture to jointly build the 5GW monocrystalline silicon rod project in Yunnan. The produced monocrystalline silicon rod will give priority to satisfy the needs of Changzhou Trina Solar Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. 
With the industry analysis, Changzhou Trina Solar Co., Ltd. is the world's leading supplier of components and first-class system integrators, and Sichuan Yongxiang Co., Ltd. is the world's leading producer of polysilicon materials, LONGi Group is the world's largest monocrystalline silicon products manufacturer. All parties reached a strategic partnership and the jointly built monocrystalline silicon rod project also opened a precedent of the upstream and downstream cooperation between monocrystalline and polycrystalline industry cooperation in the photovoltaic industry, it will further promote the development of monocrystalline technology and market share. 
Before the signing ceremony, these three company leaders also conducted a business exchange. All parties said that in addition to the cooperation projects, they also hope that there will be more cooperative opportunities in the future.