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Li Zhenguo: The Distributed PV entered the 3.0 era officially

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The ups and downs of China's PV these years, a large number of explorers spent themselves, the China's PV industry gets achievements from learning, imitation to leading the world finally. China's manufacturing meets with 70% demanding of PV all over the world, even, the installed capacity of China is in the head.
However, there are obvious market deviations in the construction of PV power stations in China behind these glorious achievements. Low-efficiency and low quality PV modules affected the market, and the high-quality products were forced to export to the overseas.

The problems of quality occurred to the domestic PV power station during the period leads to the decaying of power generation performance rapidly, the deterioration of financing environment and the damage of industry image.
I understood clearly that the high efficiency and high-quality PV products is the foundation of sustainable and healthy development of market in this industry for many years.
Fortunately, the country launched the "top runner" plan of PV to make the high-efficient products, lead the market to focus on the product quality, which leads China's PV be into a new era of rapid technological progress.
Our component power is rised rapidly from 260W, 270W, 280W to 290W with step by step. Today, the components with 300W are into mass production. I still remember my excited mood when the first components with 300W is produced in line. 
300W is a landmark number, the mass production of components with 300W represents a new era in which human beings use solar power to generate the electricity.

Under the guidance of the national policy and the continuous technological innovation of enterprises, the value of high-efficiency and high quality products is being recognized by more and more industry persons, the PV industry is developed in a better direction.
But there is an idea in my heart, which is when our mass consumers can be able to enjoy the industry's leading technology products in the distributed area? When the dividends of PV technology progress can be able to cover to consumer terminals fully?
From the China's distributed PV development process, I think there are several steps:
The first step is the distributed 1.0 era
The country implement the "Golden Sun" demonstrated project from 2009 to 2013 to bring the distributed development into the 1.0 era. In this period, there are many issues of the distributed PV, such as the immature system, obvious extensive development features and quality problems. However, the PV module power of PV core components is less than 250W basically, most of them are 230 and 240W. The quality of product cannot support the market's requirements, it cannot last for a long time in such a development model.
The second step is the distributed 2.0 era
The country has implemented the electricity subsidy with 0.42 Yuan, there is the concept of electricity costs for distribution in 2014. In this period, the method of distribution developed rapidly. The installed capacity of distributed PV increased 200% to get 4.24gw. The distributed PV is not the accessories out of the ground power station, but it is the key focused and arranged by PV enterprises rapidly.
However, the distributed PV is still in a secondary position in the PV industry behind the prosperity, the leading PV technology and products are still prior to using in ground power stations, and the quality of distributed products is behind.
Some time ago, during the process between our team communicating with downstream distributors, we found that it is difficulty for the distributed to develop. In particular, it is immature for the outdoor PV, I am very sad because the distribution is the excuse of low quality and inefficient components and the source of counterfeit and shoddy products for dealers.
Everyone said that the distribution is the future, but the low efficiency and low-quality products are used in the distribution terminals, there is no future for this industry, the low-efficient and low-quality components is the barrier, which will bring great danger for the development of distributed PV.
How can we make sure the interests of consumers and make the development to be distributed and healthy? I've been thinking about this, and our team has been trying to solve this problem.
I think there is nothing more straightforward than making the users focus on the quality of their products and recognizing the advantages of high quality and efficient products. It is time to set the rules again, to convey that what is good to customer and what is the valuable products!
The high-performance components with 300W represent the most advanced technologies current and the quality of the most outstanding product! In the next two years, 300W is expected to become an entry-level standard of components!
With the application of the high-efficiency and high-quality components in the field of distribution with 300W, which means the most advanced technology products of PV industry are not only the "top runner" and the exclusive of ground power station, but also they begin to go to thousands of end users, the distributed PV entered the 3.0 era officially in 2017!
In the new era, LERRI will take the lead in the distribution of the elimination of low quality and low efficient products, so that the "good money" removes the "bad money". Taking the high efficient products with 300W be into the terminals with industry colleagues.
We will do our best to let distributed consumers have the opportunity to use the industry's leading products and the distributed users can experience the return of the value of high-quality products!
The old era has passed and a new era is coming. Saying goodbye to the shoddy and low quality and low efficient products, the distributed 3.0 era leading with 300W components arrived officially.
I'd like to make an addition finally:
I very much agree with what the teacher Shenhui said earlier, which is "more important is to be with the heart for PV", so is the distribution!
I always think that it can't let the bad products flow into the terminals, which is the bottom line of PV manufacturing enterprises, letting the better products show to public initiatively is the mission of the social responsibility enterprises.
The distributed PV is the mark to go to the public for the PV industry, please use your best heart to treat the distributed PV and the end users!

                                                                                                                                                The text was compiled by Li Zhenguo

                                                                                                                                                                    who is the CEO of LONGi

                                                                                     on the lecture record of the roof PV Power generation (Hebei) auditorium

                                                                                                                                                                                           on July 18.