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Mr. Wang Yongkang, who is the Committee of Shanxi and Secretary of Xi'an, research to LONGi.

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Mr. Wang Yongkang, who is the Committee of Shanxi and Secretary of Xi'an, research to LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to as “LONGi” ) on the afternoon of July 20. The president of LONGi Mr. Zhong Baoshen accompanied with him.

Mr. Wang Yongkang came to slicing factory of Xi'an, visited the production line, learnt the production process of mono-crystalline silicon wafer and asked about the solar PV industry chain layout condition.
After visiting, Mr. Zhong Baoshen introduced the development process and enterprise production and operation condition of LONGi to Mr. Wang Yongkang. At the same time, he also introduced to Mr. Wang Yongkang that the profitability of the forefront of the PV industry of LONGi is the world's largest mono-crystalline silicon wafer manufacturer, but also it is the champion of mono-crystalline silicon wafer.
After listening to the director's report, Mr. Wang Yongkang said that LONGi is strong, the industrial chain is comprehensive, the development is rapid, was committedto innovation, it has become the world's largest mono-crystalline silicon manufacturer and champion. We should increase the support for High-tech, high value-added, high tax, high employment-driven and high-growth enterprises, such as LONGi.

Mr. Wang Yongkang put forward three points of desires for LONGi at the end of the investigation:
First, playing a role in enterprise. To create a good atmosphere of respect for the whole society, we must carry out the entrepreneurial spirit vigorously, promote the development of enterprises to make a new breakthrough and strive for the city's industrial growth and economic development to contribute on under the good strategy, good team.
Second, we should highlight innovation. Taking emphasis on innovation-driven development strategy, and increasing investment in innovative research and development constantly, more technical patents to maintain the leading technology, striving for provincial and municipal patent model enterprises.
Third, upgrade international standards. Should "go out", participate in the "the Belt and Road" actively, and further optimize the global layout, lead in the "internationalization".