LONGi Group Appears in Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition, Many Rave Reviews
Time:2017-11-29 17:22:00
On Nov. 2, the 9th Chinese International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (CREC 2017) with the theme of "New City, New Energy, New Life" raised the curtain. LONGi LERRI the biggest monocrystalline assembly manufacturer in the world, it brought several efficient monocrystalline products and distribution computer system one-stop solution application display and other projects at the stage of this exhibition, and received the attention in many ways. 
On the site of the exhibition, Wu Xinxiong, the Vice Director of The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Economic Committee and the President of Chine Energy Research Society, Chen Zhenning, the Deputy Governor of People's Government of Jiangsu Province, and other people arrived the exhibition stand of LONGi for visiting and understanding. Mr. Wang Geying, the Assistant of the Chairman of LONGi LERRI and Marketing Director, introduced the basic development conditions of LONGi Group to the visiting leaders, and with the Hi-MO2 monocrystalline PERC two-sided assembly product's excellent performance of high power, high power generation and low attenuation, it gained the unanimous praise of the on-site leaders and industry colleagues. 
Mr. C. Narasimhan, the President of Solar Energy Society of India and the honored guest of this forum, visited the exhibition stand of LONGi and communicated with Li Wenxue, the President of LONGi Solar. 
Hi-MO2 is the two-sided power generation products based on the technology of monocrystalline two-sided PERC, and on the basis of Hi-MO1 low attenuation technology, the light attenuation rate of the Hi-MO2 in the first year is able to be lower than 2%, and the front generation efficiency exceeds 21%, the power of the reverse side is not lower than 75% of the power of the front side, both of them are superior to the normal assembly. 
In the future, Hi-MO2 will be widely used in the water power station of fishing light complementary, large scale surface power station, roof distributed type and other PV project. 
LONGi is an industry-leading efficient monocrystalline products manufacturer, has always been devoting himself to the research and improvement of monocrystalline technical route, relying on the leading research capacity and funding, the scientific and technological innovation capacity is always leading the development of the industry. The monocrystalline assembly products with high efficiency, high reliability and high profit also satisfy the diversified demands of customs and markets. 
In the future, LONGi Solar will provide the monocrystalline products with the highest efficiency and the highest cost performance for the industry and customs, closely integrating the new thought and trend of development of the current energy industry, fulfilling green production and green consumption with the actual action, contributing to the "New City and New Life" which is taking new energy as the principle thing. 
The current Chinese Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition hold in Wuxi was jointly hosted by the National Energy Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and People's Government of Jiangsu Province, it lasted for three days, and divided into two main sites of exhibition and forum, and it is a national level industrial exhibition which mainly pays attention to new energy industry terminal application. More than 400 new energy enterprises from more than 20 countries such as China, the US, Germany and Japan, etc. set exhibition stands and about 2,000 honored guests participated in the exhibition.