LONGi Group Is Invited to Attend UNFCCC to Push forwards Africa Step into the PV3.0 Era
Time:2017-11-29 17:28:00
On November 6, 2017, the 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP 23) of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Bonn, Germany. As a very significant meeting, this conference is needed to take effect. However, Paris Agreement has the frame but without the detail implementation rules and regulations, so a consensus on the climate change combat shall be actively pushed and reached, to be the foundation for the detailed implementation rules and regulations of Paris Agreement in 2018.
In recent years, China, being the leader actively responding to the climate combat, has adopted the positive actions to deal with the climate changes and presented the Chinese Proposal to push the global climate governance process. Take the photovoltaic as an example, in the past five years, China has strived hard to develop the photovoltaic, assembled the installation of 120GW, and achieved a significant contribution to China energy structure transformation and the energy conservation and emission reduction. 
LONGi Solar -the representative of China green energy enterprise, is invited to attend this conference. In order to push the green energy development, insist in the social mission of “Using the Green Energy to Manufacture Green Energy”, it’s pushing forward the solar photovoltaic industry development. 
The high-efficiency product will help Africa step into the PV3.0 era
The MD of the overseas market of LONGi Solar Xia Aimin has given a speech on the conference of China Corner with the theme as “Say Goodbye to Darkness, Share Sunshine and Improve Human Happiness”. Director Xia has pointed out that “To solve the climate change problem and reduce the carbon emission, we shall start from the energy transformation, develop the renewable energy and the green energy. The solar energy, as the inexhaustible renewable energy, will be the major power for the whole planet in the future.”
The solar energy generating has become an energy supply solution at lowest cost for many countries, especially the African district with good light condition but lack of electricity. It needs the high-efficiency and reliable solar products to promote its generating power, lower down the system cost, and popularize the economy value. 
In the era of photovoltaic 3.0 with the 300W+ PERC module product as the representative, LONGi Solar Dual-surface Dual Glass module can level up the generation by 10%-25%. It’s helpful for the African district to go straight from the electroless into the photovoltaic green electricity era. All the attendees, representatives and institutions have agreed with the launch of LONGi Solar and discussed the following cooperation with LONGi Solar after the meeting. 
In the next 20 years, the renewable energy sources will be the major direction of the energy investment and the core tendency of the energy development. The solar photovoltaic, as one of the most important clean energies, will turn into a reliable and sustainable energy for the human.