Zhong Baoshen: Sketching the Blueprint of Green Life in Future Ten Years With PV (Photovoltaic)
Time:2017-10-29 17:31:00
On Oct. 17, the 2017 International Renewable Energy Development Seminar and Releasing Conference for Global Renewable Energy Development Report and 2016 Chinese Renewable Energy Development Report was held in Beijing. General Institute of Hydropower and Water Resource Planning and Design and Internal Energy Agency have released the Annual International and Chinese Renewable Energy Development Report in 2016 jointly, and the Deputy Director of National Energy Administration Qi Chengyuan has been present in the conference and made a speech.  
In the conference, Qi Chengyuan pointed that, with further widening of the application scale of renewable energy, the renewable energy technique and innovation for commercial model trends towards diversity. Mastering for international trends, strengthening the understand of development state of domestic renewable energy industry, researching the hot points and focus issues appeared in the industrial development and judgment on development trends and emphasis are seriously necessary for the boosting of healthy development of the industry. 
In 2016, the new-increasing PV in China was 3454 KW and accumulative synchronization is 77.42 million KW. Among them, the accumulative synchronization in distributed power station occupies 10.32 million KW. The annual PV generating capacity is 66.2 billion KWH, which takes up 1.12% of total wattage in the whole country. In the past one year, the layout adjustment and competitive allocation for the renewable energy policy implemented by the nation has achieved remarkable success in the diversified development of the PV industry. 
In the middle-late stage of "the 13th Five-year Plan", the renewable energy in China will keep on the medium and high speed for increasing. It is expected to achieve high-speed increasing for the PV power generation, and utilization model of new-type renewable energy will finish the primary scale demonstration. 
 "With the promotion and construction of pacemaker's base, the production capacity of PV high-efficiency elements is estimated to be expanded in succession, double power generation and other high-efficiency products will be applied in scale step by step, and the PV system efficiency will achieve the significant improvement. We will realize the grid parity at the side of PV users in advance. It is anticipated that, in 2020, the installation of PV generation machine will break through 160 million KW." The Dean of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute Zheng Sheng'an pointed out in the report. 
In the seminar, the Original Director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation raised questions to the Chairman of Longi Corp. Zhong Baoshen on "The Outlook of PV Industry in Ten Years". 将达到30%-40%。
Chairman Zhong answered and shown that, PV is always an industry with special stories, from the past ten years to the future ten years, it will sketch and achieve a nice blueprint. With the continuous improvement of occupied proportion of renewable energy, the PV industry has achieved fast development. The manufacturing ability, technique and cost of polycrystalline silicon, mono-crystalline silicon and battery pack have been in the global leading level. Along with the distributed PV has entered into 3.0 era, the high-efficiency, high-reliable and high-profitable products appear in the proper time, and the cost of PV is reducing continuously. In five years, the cost of power generation with PV system will deduce with 30% to 40%. 
The technique is always the core element which causes changes of PV industry with excess of expectation. Especially in the districts without electricity and the poverty-stricken areas, the PV products with lower cost and high efficiency will develop rapidly, which has huge social value for the perfection of education conditions and information channel in the poverty-stricken areas. 
LONGi adheres the social mission of "Manufacturing Green Energy with Green Energy" and it will make use of the best products and technique to forge the PV market. By insisting on the concept of "high-efficiency", "ecological" and "clean", do a good job on the poverty alleviation with PV, let the great product enter into the districts without power and poverty-stricken areas in practice and enter into thousands of households. We always believe that, with the efforts of colleagues in the field of PV and all the renewable energy, the PV industry will achieve faster development, and the Chinese renewable energy will acquire healthy, rapid and sustainable development. In the future, the proportion of renewable energy may surpass the precognition of us. 
 Also, the Deputy Director of New Energy Department of National Energy Administration Li Chuangjun, the Project Manager and Senior Expert of Renewable Energy Department of International Energy Agency (English abbreviation for "IEA") HeymiBahar, representatives from the Embassy and international institutes of Britain, Denmark, Germany and so on, about 300 hundred experts, scholars and representatives from relevant units of Chinese renewable energy investment enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises, design institutes and authoritative think-tanks have been invited in this releasing conference, which has attached great attention inside and outside the industry.