LONGI Has been Reported by CCTV: Photovoltaic Power Station New Way for Poverty Relief
Time:2017-10-29 17:57:00
On October 17, 2017, CCTV News Channel had undertaken a special report of Guangdong Qingyuan Yangshan Photovoltaic Poverty Relief Power Station, in which the wholly-owned subsidiaries of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGI Group)-LONGI New Energy Limited Co., Ltd. (LONGI New Energy for short) has attended the construction. 
As the common product of the poverty relief mode and the industrial creation, the photovoltaic poverty relief is an efficient helper for collecting the people's wisdom, gathering the people's power, and stably motivating the targeted poverty alleviation work. In the recent years, as the gradual mature of the photovoltaic industrial technology and the implementation of the photovoltaic poverty relief, LONGI Stock actively responds to the calling of the national policy, constantly works on making use of the rich resource advantage of the poverty-stricken area, and help to achieve the poverty relief and development and the resource utilization. 
In 2014, LONGI New Energy had built a photovoltaic power station in Yangshan town of Qingyuan City. Under the condition of the adequate illumination, a generation capacity of 5800 kilowatt per hour is achieved, so the district has become the biggest ground photovoltaic power station foundation in Guangdong. 
Yangshan town, locating at the remote district, has been planned as the ecological protection country in Guangdong province, bearing an adequate illumination and a nature advantage of developing the photovoltaic industry. It's acknowledged that there are 20 photovoltaic poverty relief power stations (including two long-distance photovoltaic) built in Yangshan Town, with an installed gross capacity of 44,500 kilowatt. What's more, all of them have generated power before June 30 and the predicted annual profit is RMB 40 million. There are 3726 laboring low income families and 11998 people in the town, each person will own 3.5 kilowatt and gain more than RMB 3,000. The laboring poor people complete benefiting coverage has essentially realized, "Photovoltaic in Every Village and Participation in Profit for Everyone" has make it become the "Money Pocket" for the low income family. 
With the green and clean energy, and the ecologic dominance changing into the development dominance, the people in Yangshan Town enjoy the new life brought in by the ecologic bonus and the technical advantage. By far, the annual economic benefit has surpassed RMB 40 million, i.e. 12,000 poor people in the whole country will get an increased income of RMB 3,000 per person, so the poverty problem can be practically released. 
Persisting in the concept of "Manufacture the Clean Energy with the Clean Energy", LONGI Stock always keeps the social responsibility of the enterprise in mind, actively practices the policies of the nation, responds to the renewable energy development vigorously promoted by the country, and emphasizes on the photovoltaic poverty relief from the strategy angle of the group development. In the future, LONGI will continue to help more people get out of the red, and contribute more to construct the happy China for the party and the country.