Miao Wei, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Visited LONGi: “Seeing is Believing. LONGi Keeps One Step Ahead and Becomes the Pioneer”
Time:2018-10-17 13:47:00
Miao Wei, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and his team visited LONGi this afternoon (October 16) to learn about our latest developments in the PV technical innovation and intelligent manufacturing sectors. The following leaders also visited LONGi, including Lou Yuguang, Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Zongke, Director of Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Provincial, Lan Jianwen, Deputy Secretary General of Provincial Government, Gao Cailing, Director General of Shaanxi Communications Administration, Shao Daoxin, Secretary to the Minister, and Hou Jianren, Department Head of Electronic Information Department. Mr. Zhong Baoshen, Board Chairman of LONGi, Shang Yaohua, General Manager of Strategy, Li Jia, Director of Human Resource Department, and Zhou Rui, Director of R&D of LONGi Silicon Wafer accompanied throughout the whole visit.

▲ Photo of Minister Miao Wei (left) and Mr. Zhong Baoshen (right)

At the meeting, Mr. Zhong Baoshen introduced the development history of LONGi to the participants, and gave a highlight to our company in such sectors as R&D investment and continuous technological innovation. It is just because of the long-term obsession with mono technical innovation that LONGi can grow into a leading company in the industry and take the leading position in mono PV technology in less than 20 years.

▲ Learn about diamond wire cutting technology

Minister Miao Wei highly praised our high R&D investment for so many years. He pointed out that seeing is believing and hat LONGi is well-deserved. LONGi has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology and innovation. “Keeping one step ahead, and you can become a pioneer. LONGi has long been a leader in technology, which reflects its strategic vision. It is this vision that makes LONGi invincible in the fierce competition of the industry.”

▲Learn about wafer thinning technology

Mr. Miao Wei and his team also visited our slice production line based in Xi'an to learn about the diamond wire cutting technology in details. They stopped in front of the products such as silicon ingots, square ingots and wafers for detailed study. He pointed out that the development of the enterprise in the past 20 years was not simple. The manufacturing industry is different from the others. No pains no gains. "I wish the future of LONGi becoming better and better. I hope LONGi can continuously take the leading position in the world on behalf of China's manufacturing industry and China’s PV industry."

▲Photo of participants