Mr. Li Zhenguo, Was Ranked to Top 50 CEO List of China’s Listed Companies, 2018, Forbes
Time:2018-09-26 14:33:00
Forbes launched a list of “Best CEOs of China’s Listed Companies, 2018”. Among Top 50 was Mr. Li Zhenguo, the CEO of LONGi, who was ranked No. 44. Pony Ma, the CEO of Tencent Holdings, and Zhang Yong, the CEO of Alibaba were ranked the first and second, respectively.

Mr. Li Zhenguo, the CEO of LONGi declared himself in Forbes China that the competition among enterprises was intensified, gradually enhancing the requirement on the management level of a company. As a key role existing for company governance and decision-making, CEO imposed a direct influence on the operation performance of the enterprise. The list of “Best CEOs of the Listed Companies in China” is going to be published once a year based on the performances, market scales, financial data, change ratios of reference interval, total market values, net profits , growth rates, ROA and ROE of each listed company in the past three years. In the meantime, the CEO shall have served at the position for three financial years before the evaluation.
In order to reflect the share price fluctuation in a more accurate manner, the list excluded the incoherence of share price due to participation in profit and allotment of shares. As for the 3-year share price growing rate, the period starting from July 31, 2015 to July 31, 2018 was selected, and then the share price growing rate after right recovery shall prevail based on the Choice database. In the meantime, the market value management was also an important index of evaluating the performance of a CEO. Previously, LONGi was ranked to Top 50 of Best Listed Company in Asia, 2018 (Forbes), and Mr. Li Zhenguo was also elected into the list of Best CEOs of China’s Listed Companies, 2018. This proves that LONGi has never pursued a short-term performance blindly, but emphasized the enterprise brand construction and long-term development with its continuously moderate financial performance and technical-leading strategy. In this way, it finally realizes preservation and appreciation of assets and wins recognition of investors.
List of Best CEOs of China’s Listed Companies, 2018 (Forbes)