Zhong Baoshen, President of LONGi, Attended the Private Economy Meeting in Shaanxi
Time:2018-11-20 01:55:00
The Shaanxi Provincial Government held the private economy meeting on November 19. Liu Guozhong, Governor of Shaanxi, Zhao Gang, Vice Governor of Shaanxi, and Fang Guanghua, Vice governor and the chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended the meeting. And Zhong Baoshen, President of LONGi, was invited and delivered a speech at the meeting.
Mr. Zhong Baoshen was invited to the Private Economy Meeting in Shaanxi and delivered a speech
Mr. Zhong Baoshen delivered a speech on behalf of private entrepreneurs at the meeting. He introduced the basic development and operation information of LONGi and shared the information about the private economy meeting held by the CPC Central Committee. After that, he proposed some suggestions and advice from the following five aspects: investment policy, energy cost, global competiveness of an enterprise, PV industry policy support and introduction of high-level talented persons on the basis of the actual issues in LONGi’s operation. He expected the Shaanxi government would be able to list PV as the key industry to develop and provide substantial support and issues relevant policies to encourage enterprises to absorb high-level technology and management talents and promote the regional economy to develop via the talent strategy.
Zhong Baoshen accepted the interview of the journalist of Xinhua News Agency
After the meeting, Zhong Baoshen also accepted the interview of Shaanxi branch of Xinhua News Agency and Shaanxi Television Station. When talking about the private economy meeting held by the provincial government, Zhong Baoshen indicated the private economy meeting enabled the government to know about the actual development situation of private enterprises and the difficulties encountered, contributed to issuing some policies accelerating private enterprises to develop and the private economy to grow. This reflected the pragmatic attitude and firm determination of the provincial government of driving the development of private economy.