According to Authoritative Reports: The Cost of PV and Wind Power in the United States Is Lower than That of Thermal Power
Time:2018-11-15 09:27:00
Recently, Lazard Freres, the world's top investment bank, released the 12th edition of its report Lazard Energy Cost Analysis. According to the report, the cost of wind power and PV power has reached an inflection point and is already cheaper than existing coal and natural gas power plants, even compared with the cost of thermal power generation that has already depreciated its equipment.
These data are based on the results obtained in the United States and are consistent with the results observed by other agencies and enterprises in Australia. They believe that the government and investors should stop thinking about whether to carry out a new thermal power investment plan.
The report also pointed out that energy storage was still the key to solving the discontinuity of new energy sources as the cost of renewable energy continued to decline, and the prospect of energy storage's economic efficiency was gradually becoming clear.
▲ Comparison of investment cost between renewable energy and traditional energy (US$/kW)
Ten years ago—before the United Nations Climate Change Conference, such a result was inconceivable to many people-but Lazard estimates that solar energy costs have dropped by 88% and wind power by 69% since 2009. In the United States, the cost of onshore wind power can be as low as US$29/MWh, while the average marginal cost of existing thermal power is US$36/MWh.
▲ Renewable energy cost (US$/MWh) “The cost of solar power generation on a utility scale is almost as same as the exemplary marginal cost of thermal power, which is US$36/MWh,” Lazard said.
In the United States, tax breaks have increased the advantages of wind energy and solar energy, reducing the cost of wind energy to US$14/MWh and solar energy to US$32/MWh.
Lazard Freres is the most mysterious investment bank on Wall Street with a history of more than 150 years. It has been being a family business for a long time and is also one of the best international investment banks in recent decades. The company's energy cost report has become one of the world's major industry benchmarks.