New Hope, New Competition, New Chapter ——President’s Chinese New Year Speech in 2019
Time:2019-01-26 14:33:00
As the strong wind blows during the day, the sun goes down to the west. The year 2018, also called the Year of Wuxu, is coming to an end. Looking back the year 2018, it marks the ups and downs of the industry, with the issuing of numerous policies, the logical jump of the industry and the firm trudge through the mud.

The beginning of 2018 witnessed the prosperity and stability of the industry and the releasing of countless new investment plans. At the middle of 2018, the promulgation of a policy reduced the demands for the industry, leading to a violent fluctuation of capital and the industry and the close-down of some enterprises. However, it also objectively accelerated the upgrading of industry technology and the elimination of backward capacity, achieving PV power grid at a fair price in advance. At the end of 2018, the policy of realizing unsubsidized wind and PV power grids at a fair price jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration reduced the nontechnical cost and led the industry to return to the track of growth.

Although the rise and fall of China’s photovoltaic market has influenced the global industry, it still achieved an increase of over 4% and more than 103GW of new global scale at the end of 2018. The replacement of high-efficiency technology and the rapid decline in cost of power generation are not only a painful transformation but also a new-emerging force of the industry. The number of GW-level markets has increased from 9 in 2017 to 14 in 2018, demonstrating the beginning of a worldwide energy reform that enables the industry embrace a bright future.

In 2018, Longi has experienced hard time but yielded pleasing results. Its global market share of monocrystalline silicon has risen to 48.5%, and its high-efficiency products and technology have returned to the mainstream market. Throughout the year, Longi’s shipment volume has increased significantly, with the market share ranking fourth all over the world. The overseas market has made a breakthrough in export volume, accounting for over 30% of the total shipment volume, a year-on-year growth of nearly 20 percentage points. By virtue of the experience in 2018, Longi has held a clearer insight into its future, become more firm in its strategy, set higher goals and released the mode of “Solar for Solar-A Non-carbon Earth”. The insight, thinking and idea of Longi have spread all over the world in 2018, making it possible for more people to learn about Longi and its employees.

The achievements of Longi have been made by all employees through hard work and monolithic solidarity. Therefore, I hereby appreciate the persevering spirit of all Longi’s employees, and offer my sincere New Year wishes to all families supporting Longi——Wish you all happy New Year and may all your wishes come true in the coming year; wish all families full of peace, joy and happiness. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude and best wishes to all friends, partners and people from all sectors of society who care for and support the development of Longi and new energy industry!

In 2019, with the unpredictable macro situation, and the increasingly spreading of anti-globalization trend, the trade protection measures of all kinds are being introduced. Longi has to forge ahead in hardship, but the opportunity and direction will be easier to be clarified.

Firstly, the general trend of “electrification of energy, cleaning of electrification” has been settled, announcing the beginning of global energy system reform. The major international energy development forecasters have updated their data-Authoritative energy institutions such as IEA, BP and OPEC have raised renewable energy targets. By 2040, the consumption of renewable energy will increase 4 to 5 time. The energy system of all countries will be transformed gradually and connected with the track of sustainable development.

On a larger scale, the technological progress will accelerate the realization of PV power grid at a fair price and open the golden era for PV power. According to professional institutions, the new global demand for PV power is expected to be about 115GW and 130GW respectively in 2019 and 2020, and the global PV generation capacity will exceed 1TW (or 1,000GW) by 2023. More countries and regions will join the GW-level club. Countries in Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific region are springing up, while the European countries will also return to an era of prosperity.

The continuous space for technological progress is the source of our confidence in the broad prospects of renewable energy and photovoltaic power generation. The latest PERC battery efficiency record of Longi has passed 24%, and there is still plenty of room for improvement. The fact of the technological progress is really encouraging. Lots of countries and regions such as Xiong’an, China, California and 36 other cities in the United States, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Spain have announced to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050 one after the other.

Multiple types of energy storage technologies, including pumped storage, chemical energy storage, electrical vehicles and global energy interconnection, are becoming mature and the cost is falling rapidly. In the near future, photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources can become the main energy in human society. “Go 100% Renewables” is bound to come true sometime this century!

While a bright future is waiting ahead, the road to it is still winding and rough. The public awareness of photovoltaic power generation is still insufficient, and there are even misunderstandings in many aspects. For instance, people still think that the photovoltaic generation is expensive and the production is still dirty and energy-intensive, and that the renewable energy sources have to be heavily subsidized. We need to reverse these misunderstandings and justify photovoltaic power generation.

In the face of global development opportunities, we shall try while the point is sharp and speed up moving ahead; and in the face of uncertainty and unknown challenges, we shall also plan carefully and consolidate step by step.

Ideologically, abide by the faith unwaveringly. We firmly believe that what we are engaged in is a bright and far-reaching cause, and our road direction is the right choice “based on the essence and future”. The thinking methodology of “taking the primacy and long-term perspective” followed by us will ensure that all argumentation, judgment and decision-making do not deviate from the right track.

Strategically, implement technologies to guide the development unwaveringly. Leading technologies are the foundation of Longi’s competitiveness. We will persistently adhere to the high investment in R&D, combine practicability with foresight, and maintain the leading technology level in all links of the industrial chain.

At work, practice the belief of “adding value for the customers” earnestly and unwaveringly. Creating values for customers is Longi’s way of life, and creating value for society is the foundation of Longi’s development. Under the guidance of the leading technology strategy, we will continuously improve the market competitiveness of our products, never forget to maximize the customer value, and constantly deepen the trust with our customers.

In management, “pursue continuous improvement and excellence” unwaveringly. Next, we will pay more attention to the benefit of management, benchmark advanced technologies, solid foundation, create culture, strengthen the team, shape the leading edge of management, and deepen the leading edge of cost around the upstream and downstream such as the technologies, supply chain, and manufacturing.
We will mount a long wind someday and break the heavy waves, and set our cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea.
In the New Year, let’s open up new opportunities,
Stand on the new track to meet new challenges,
Carry new hopes to write a new chapter.
The future is waiting ahead and the bright tomorrow is coming,
We shall not degrade our passion and courage, and change the persistence and pursuit,
We shall abandon the idea of fluke, strive to be toughened and hardened into steel,
And accumulate every minute of hard work, so as to get the great success!

President of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.