LONGi’s 19 Years丨19 keywords express LONGi’s 19 years of “love for light”
Time:2019-02-15 13:07:00
February 14
A romantic day
19 years ago, on this day
LONGi was officially established
From then on, LONGi has made a lifelong covenant with “light”
19 years of twists and turns
LONGi never forget the original ideal and never stop moving forward
Today, with 19 keywords
Let’s start the amber time machine to relive the history between LONGi and “light”!

01 World’s No.1
For LONGi, World’s No.1 is not a strange term. In the 19 years of entrepreneurial process, LONGi has achieved world’s No.1 many times: world’s largest manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon materials, world’s largest shipment of monocrystalline modules, world’s largest R&D investment in the solar industry, a solar technology with world’s largest market capitalization… every world’s No.1 is not only an honor for LONGi people, but also a responsibility and the motivation to inspire us all the way forward.
02 Solar Technology Company
A wise man thinks ahead. In 2014, LONGi acquired Zhejiang Lerri and established LONGi Clean Energy and LONGi New Energy to formally enter the midstream and downstream of the industrial chain, deploy module and power station businesses, and march towards the goal of becoming the world’s most valuable solar technology company at full speed.
03 Customer Value
Customer value has long been the biggest concern of LONGi. From focusing on upstream business in the silicon wafer era to expanding midstream and downstream business at present, LONGi has always insisted on customer value as the core, constantly create products with high cost performance and added value for customers, and provide reliable products and services.
04 Reliability, Added Value, Pleasure
"Reliability, added value, pleasure” are core values of LONGi, and the spiritual beliefs of every LONGi person.
Reliability: providing reliable products and services; being a company worthy of trust by customers, employees and other stakeholders; being a reliable person.
Added value: providing customers with the products with high cost performance and the services with high added value; bringing sustained growth to employees; creating value for other stakeholders. 
Pleasure: caring about the feelings of customers, communicating with customers in a modest, respectful, friendly and cooperative manner, respecting employees, emphasizing sharing and communication, creating a trusted and tolerant “big LONGi family” atmosphere; respecting stakeholders, being frank and friendly.
05 Utilizing Solar Energy, Powering into Green World!
What is the ultimate goal of the photovoltaic industry? The answer given by LONGi is: to create a better green world. The photovoltaic industry is a bright industry, an industry that brings hope to the future of mankind. LONGi has been committed to producing efficient and reliable solar PV products and change the earth’s ecology with green energy. Utilizing solar energy, powering into green world is also LONGi’s mission.
06 Technology Leadership
Photovoltaic is a technology-driven industry, LONGi has always insisted on technology and R & D leadership as the foundation, and lead the technology development in the industry. to this end, LONGi has recruited the technical elite of the industry, built up an R&D system with global competitiveness; joined hands with scientific research institutions in the industry and well-known enterprises in the world to establish a strong technical reserve; actively promoted the upgrading of technology in the industry, made public the bottleneck technologies, shared the achievements of scientific and technological progress with the industry, and promoted wider application of green energy with scientific and technological progress.
07 Robust Operation
From 2013 to 2017, when the company's net profit grew rapidly, the debt ratio did not exceed 60%, and the net cash flow generated by operating activities continued to rise over the same period, reflecting good operating capacity and effective control of market risk. In the first half of 2018, LONGi’s debt ratio was 59.6%, at an industry leading level. LONGi’s financial health has repeatedly ranked first in the global photovoltaic industry.
08 High R & D Investment (7%)
High R & D investment is one of the important reasons for LONGi’s leadership in the volatile photovoltaic market for many years. From 2012 to the first half of 2018, the company’s cumulative R&D investment reached RMB 3.183 billion; in 2016, the company's revenue rose by 94%, while the R&D investment soared by 88%; in 2017, the company’s revenue rose by 42%, while the R&D investment nearly doubled, rising 97% to RMB 1.108 billion. In the first half of 2018, the company’s R & D investment reached RMB 719 million, accounting for 7.18% of revenue. At present, LONGi has become the photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise with the highest R&D investment in the world, and its R&D investment exceeds the total R&D investment of the second and third place holders.
09 Record-breaking Conversion Efficiency (24.06%)
The pioneering application of high-efficiency PERC cell and module technologies is another innovation brought by LONGi to the industry, and LONGi has long maintained world records for PERC cell and module conversion efficiencies. From 2017 to the beginning of 2019, LONGi broke the record of cell conversion efficiency six times. At the beginning of 2019, the front-side conversion efficiency of LONGi’s monocrystalline bifacial PERC cell reached 24.06%, breaking the 24% efficiency bottleneck of PERC cell.
10 Global Deployment
Since establishment, LONGi has not limited its horizon to one corner. With the full commissioning of the whole industrial chain base in Kuching, Malaysia, and the establishment of overseas branches in the United States, Japan and Europe, LONGi has gradually improved its global sales network and brought highly efficient and reliable PV products and clean high-quality renewable energy to more users around the world. By 2020, overseas shipment will account for more than 60% of LONGi’s shipment, and a highly global LONGi is coming into being.
11 “Solar for Solar” Zero Carbon Manufacturing
The photovoltaic industry will repair the earth’s ecology, and Solar for Solar zero-carbon manufacturing is the basis for using photovoltaic to improve the earth’s ecology. On December 11, 2018, during the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference, LONGi officially launched the "Solar for Solar" industrial model, aimed at making solar products with solar energy to achieve zero carbon emissions in the photovoltaic industry chain. At present, LONGi’s industrial layout in Yunnan, China, and Kuching, Malaysia, has been completely dependent on clean energy, and LONGi’s “Solar for Solar” zero carbon manufacturing has set sail.
12 Negative Carbon Earth
Achieving “zero carbon production” is not the end of ecological improvement, but a new starting point. In the future, through the large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic can be used for seawater desalination, desert irrigation, and play a role in greening deserts and improving vegetation coverage. When 70% of the deserts become oases, all the carbon emissions from human activities will be absorbed and real negative carbon development will be achieved. Is it a fiction? Is it a fantasy? No! It’s a reality being realized by LONGi people.
13 A-Share 601012
In 2012, LONGi was officially listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code 601012. By virtue of its industry-leading technology R&D strength and sound business philosophy, the company has won numerous awards in the capital market, including Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 Companies, and first A-share listed companies selected into the MSCI index.
14 Diamond Wire Revolution
As early as 2008, when LONGi started the silicon wafer project, LONGi found the cost limit of mortar cutting technology and the ceiling of product quality. Through a careful analysis of diamond wire technology, LONGi chose the diamond wire cutting technology route, setting off a diamond wire technology revolution in the industry. In 2015, LONGi became the first in the industry to realize mass production using diamond wire cutting technology. At present, diamond wire cutting technology has become a standard configuration of the photovoltaic industry, and can save more than RMB 20 billion for China’s photovoltaic enterprises every year.
15 Industry Standard Setter
On October 13, 2017, the SEMI PV22-0817 Silicon Wafer Standard, which was revised by LONGi and others, was officially released to the world. The standard increases the actual area of the silicon wafer, improves the output power of the cell, effectively reduces the output deviation of the cell, and reduces the anomaly caused by the difference of the cell to a lower level, which will benefit the whole photovoltaic industry in the long run, and be an important measure to speed up photovoltaic grid parity.
16 LONGi Silicon Materials
In 2008, Xi’an Xinmeng Electronic Technology, LONGi’s predecessor, changed its name to Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials Technology Co., Ltd., indicating that LONGi officially entered the silicon wafer era. During this period, the photovoltaic industry ushered in explosive growth. LONGi, relying on an in-depth insight into the industry, established the direction of monocrystalline technology route from the strategic level, started from the upstream of the industry, continued to crack technical difficulties, constantly reduced technical costs, and improved efficiency, ushering in an era where LONGi will take the lead in the global monocrystalline silicon wafer industry.
17 Monocrystalline
LONGi has been sticking to the monocrystalline technology route for 19 years. In early years, LONGi made a careful analysis and research on the future technology routes of the industry. through comprehensive analysis and comparison in many aspects including the impact of thin film cell and crystalline silicon cell on the cost of power generation in the future, the monocrystalline cell and the polycrystalline cell, the physical purification process and the Siemens process, and the development trends of concentrator photovoltaics (CPV) and crystalline silicon cell, and concluded that: the mainstream technology of photovoltaic power generation in the future will be the monocrystalline technology.
18 Realistic Collaboration
The “spirit of realism” based on “reality” is one of the styles that LONGi has been adhering to since its establishment. LONGi has always attached importance to objectivity, reality and field, and always made decisions based on reality. Collaboration is reflected in the efficient communication, close collaboration and strong sense of responsibility inside LONGi.
19 Highest Market Capitalization in the World
LONGi’s long-term technology leadership and robust operation have enabled LONGi to deliver an excellent performance in the industry and become fully recognized by the market. Today’s LONGi has developed into a solar technology company with the largest market capitalization in the world.

Hand in hand, in a lifetime 
This is LONGi’s commitment to “light”
On this special day
Let’s wish LONGi a happy 19th birthday
May this “love for light” last forever