LONGi · Lanzhou University Alumni Reunion and 110th Anniversary Donation Ceremony Held in Lanzhou
Time:2019-07-30 14:22:02
On July 8, “Recalling Youth at Lanzhou University” - LONGi · Lanzhou University alumni reunion and 110th anniversary donation ceremony was held at Lanzhou University. Six Lanzhou University alumni from LONGi, including Chairman Zhong Baoshen and President Li Zhenguo, attended the event to share their learning and entrepreneurial experience – “Love for Lanzhou University”, “Physical Phenomena” and “LONGi’s Mission” - with teachers and students of Lanzhou University, and donated money to support the development of their alma mater. Yuan Zhanting, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Lanzhou University; Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University; Fan Baojun, Vice President of Lanzhou University and Executive Vice Chairman of the Education Development Foundation of Lanzhou University, attended the event.
At the ceremony, Six Lanzhou University alumni from LONGi, including Zhong Baoshen, Li Zhenguo, Li Chun’an, Zhang Chengchen, Zhao Nengping and Zhao Sihai, guided by the host, recalled their past years at the physics department of Lanzhou University in the form of “taking an exam”, “having a class meeting” and “telling a story”, and shared LONGi’s original intention and mission of starting a business in the name of one of the University’s former presidents and striving to make the world a better place with science and technology. Zhong Baoshen said: “My four years at Lanzhou University have really changed some of my views of the world and my attitudes towards life.” Li Zhenguo said that the physics department of Lanzhou University taught him the method of “thinking problems in the first principle,” and the ability and thinking method given to him by physics is also the decision-making principle that LONGi has always adopted on the road of development.


 Speaking Session


  Shan Gang, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Department of Physics of Lanzhou University, presented archives of the year to alumni

While recalling the learning experience at Lanzhou University, the alumni also told teachers and students about the struggle of new energy research and development, and shared LONGi's vision and mission to rely on technological innovation to change the world energy pattern and build a world of low carbon and environmental protection, let more people enjoy green photovoltaic energy. In response to the host’s question on the future development direction of the photovoltaic industry, Chairman Zhong Baoshen said that the journey of the photovoltaic industry was not plain sailing, but we always firmly believed that the photovoltaic industry was a bright industry representing the direction of energy change in the future of mankind. President Li Zhenguo said that in the past 10 years, the LCOE in the photovoltaic industry had dropped rapidly, Brazil, for example, had a feed-in tariff of 1.75 cents just a few days earlier. Photovoltaic would become the most economical energy type in most areas of the world in the near future. The combination of photovoltaic and energy storage would become the future energy solution of mankind.

  Speaking Session

During the event, Yuan Zhanting, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Lanzhou University, and Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, respectively expressed their gratitude to LONGi's Lanzhou University alumni for their enthusiasm for public welfare and their support for Lanzhou University’s education cause. Yuan Zhanting said that LONGi alumni's donation to their alma mater fully reflected LONGi people’s deep love for their alma mater. Alumni trust each other, cooperate sincerely, seize the opportunity of the great development of the country, proceed from Lanzhou University to the whole country, bring the enterprise to the forefront of the world, change people’s lives with science and technology, make contributions to the development of green and clean energy, and combine personal dreams with corporate dreams to boost Chinese Dream.

  Yuan Zhanting, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Lanzhou University, Delivered a Speech

Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, spoke highly of LONGi’s social responsibility. He said that in the fierce competition of photovoltaic enterprises, LONGi Green Energy Technology walked in the forefront of the monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic industry. That’s a long-term cause, but always at a new starting point, and also confirmed the extraordinary course of LONGi Green Energy Technology. The LONGi alumni’s hard work, fighting spirit and lofty social responsibility were the best embodiment of Lanzhou University’s spirit of “continuous self-improvement, dedication, struggle, innovation, and uniqueness.” The university would certainly continue to inherit this spirit and responsibility, use the donations on the cutting edge, and continue to promote the “double-first-class” construction of Lanzhou University to a new stage of connotative development.

  Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, Delivered a Speech

Since its establishment, LONGi Green Energy Technology has always been adhering to the “reliable, value-added, pleasant” corporate culture, and been enthusiastic about social welfare. Since 2010, through the “LONGi 1% Fund”, the Group has successively donated money to the earthquake-stricken Yushu area in Qinghai Province to help children with congenital heart disease, and issued bursaries to support education in Lanzhou University, Hulunbeier College, and Laixi, Shandong Province. So far, more than 600 students have been helped. In recent years, LONGi has given full play to the advantages of photovoltaic enterprise and actively participated in the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations in Province of Hainan, Shaanxi, Shanxi and Hebei, benefiting 5007 households with efficient and reliable photovoltaic products. LONGi also donated photovoltaic power stations to the School of Physics of Peking University and Yunnan Huaping Girls' Middle School to support education and scientific research, and donated more than RMB 40 million (about USD 5.82 million) of photovoltaic heating equipment to 544 village clinics in Guyuan, Ningxia, demonstrating LONGi's high sense of social responsibility and lofty mission. The donation this time is also the demonstration of LONGi's social responsibility for public welfare and supporting the development of education.

  Lanzhou University Presents LONGi Lanzhou University Alumni with Calligraphy Works Created by the University

After the event, Chairman Zhong Baoshen, President Li Zhenguo and other alumni visited the alumni Home of Lanzhou University.

  The Alumni and University Leaders Took a Picture at the Alumni Home