The 4th China-Arab National Expo Held in Ningxia LONGi Yields Brilliant Results
Time:2019-09-30 12:47:23
On September 5th to 8th, the 4th China-Arab National Expo was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia province, 23 provincial and ministerial officials from 16 countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania attended the Expo, as well as representatives from 17 national ministries, 28 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 18 diplomats to China from 15 Arab countries, over 210 domestic and foreign business associations, and more than 1,700 enterprise representatives. Li Zhenguo, president of LONGi, and Li Wen, vice president of the company, were invited to attend a series of activities and received great attention from the participants and the news media.

 President Li Zhenguo delivered a keynote speech at the Investment and Production Capacity Conference

On behalf of LONGi, Li Wenxue, vice president of LONGi, signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia to introduce an integrated solar manufacturing for Saudi Arabia, making more Arab regions obtaining economical clean energy.

<span style="color: rgb(203, 6, 6); font-family: -apple-system-font, BlinkMacSystemFont, " helvetica="" neue",="" "pingfang="" sc",="" "hiragino="" sans="" gb",="" "microsoft="" yahei="" ui",="" yahei",="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" letter-spacing:="" 1px;="" text-align:="" center;"="">▲ Vice President li wenwen signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia

09-06 The Industry and Commerce Summit · National Brand Promotion Conference.
At the Promotion Conference of National Brands and the Industry and Commerce Summit, President Li Zhenguo delivered a keynote speech on “LONGi and Chinese PV Industry”, introducing the status and prospects of PV industry to more than 100 entrepreneurs, as well as technology innovation and green manufacturing of LONGi and sharing the concept of “Solar For Solar” negative carbon earth.

▲ President Li Zhenguo delivered a keynote speech on “LONGi and Chinese PV Industry”

Vice President Li Wenxue discussed the new path of internationalization of Chinese corporate brands in the sofa forum. He said that first, technology leadership can maintain brand leadership, followed by a global vision to expand brand coverage, and localization development to better enhance brand recognition.

▲ Vice President Li Wenxue discussed the new path of internationalization of Chinese corporate brands

09-06 National Enterprises Selected by Xinhua News Agency Enters Visit LONGi
After the promotion conference for national enterprises, nearly 100 representatives of national enterprises selected by Xinhua News Agency visited Yinchuan LONGi. Vice President Li Wenxun welcomed the delegation, introduced the development of LONGi and mentioned that it actively applied the technological advantages generated by R&D innovation to production, mastered the core technologies of manufacturing of PV products, actively promoting the industrialization of technological achievements. Its practice in technological innovation has been recognized by representatives of various companies.

▲ Vice President Li Wenwen introduced the R & D of LONGi to the enterprise representative

▲ National enterprises selected by Xinhua News Agency visited Yinchuan LONGi

09-06 LONGi Press Conference.

LONGi Press Conference was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Yinchuan. More than 30 news media from Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Guangming Daily, China Youth Daily, Economic Daily, International Business Daily, Finance, and Ningxia TV Station attended the conference. President Li Zhenguo, Vice President Li Wenxuan, Tao Zhiqiang, General Manager of LONGi New Energy, and Xu Fan, Chairman Assistant of LONGi. attended the conference which was hosted by Li Feng, the brand director of LONGi. At the conference, the media raised questions on its investment in Ningxia, operation profits, international market layout, technological innovation, social responsibility and the prospects of PV industry, arising hot discussion and frequent interaction.

▲ LONGi Press Conference

In addition, during the China-Arab exhibition, President Li Zhenguo also accepted an exclusive interview from CCTV4 and CCTV Arabic channels. As President Li Zhenguo said in an interview, LONGi and the Arab countries have been actively exploring and promoting the popularization and application of PV energy. The China-Arab Expo provided a platform for cooperation and exchange with the Arab countries and strengthened the relationship between LONGi and the Arab countries.

▲ President Li Zhenguo accepted an interview

Li Zhenguo, president of LONGi, said that LONGi is expecting more cooperation with more countries and organizations in the Arab region to promote the wider application of green energy in the world. We have reason to believe that PV can recreate a green earth for human beings.

▲ President Li Zhenguo accepted an exclusive interview from CCTV Arabic channels