Collaborative Innovation and Green Development丨LONGi Successfully Held Supplier Conference 2019
Time:2019-12-04 16:39:00
On November 29, the "2019 LONGi Supplier Conference" was successfully held in Xi'an. More than 450 people attended the conference, including Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Co., Ltd., Li Wenxue, Vice President of LONGi Co., Ltd., Wang Bohua, Secretary-General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, Li Junfeng, former Director of National Center for Strategic Research and International Cooperation on Climate Change and Executive Director of China Energy Research Association, and more than 150 suppliers from all over the world.

At the meeting, Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Co., Ltd., expressed sincere welcome and thanks to the experts and supply chain partners attending the meeting and shared the development trend of the photovoltaic industry and the coordinated development of the industrial chain in the new situation. "Photovoltaic industry is in a new stage of development from extensive to refined, from scale, speed and price to quality, technology and efficiency, and from subsidy dependence to parity gradually," he said. If enterprises can form a high degree of coordination and consensus, complement each other in research technology, cost, scale, and other aspects, strengthen innovation ability, and increase innovation investment, they can lead the development direction and competition direction of the industry in the future. "
"LONGi will be committed to forming a high degree of coordination and consensus with various suppliers, providing financial support, technical support and business investment for collaborative innovation work of both sides, strengthening complementary advantages and innovation capabilities, and jointly leading the development direction of the industry in the future," Zhong said. Not only that, but LONGi should also practice the concept of green development and watch for the initial intention of sustainable development. With the rapid development of China's economy, LONGi should undertake more responsibilities for industry development. "

Wang Bohua, Secretary-General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, and Li Junfeng, former Director of the National Center for Strategic Research and International Cooperation on Climate Change and Executive Director of China Energy Research Association, were also invited to share the industry development and global energy transformation trend.

In the report, Secretary-General Wang Bohua pointed out that "in recent years, China's photovoltaic industry has made rapid development by taking advantage of its own industrial advantages, and gained a comprehensive leading advantage in the global photovoltaic market. At the same time, domestic photovoltaic enterprises have also opened up the situation from product supply to the whole industry supply, which helps the domestic photovoltaic industry maintain a healthy development trend. "
For the development of China's photovoltaic industry in 2019, Wang Bohua said that in 2019, the rapid development of the global photovoltaic market has led to the continuous growth of China's photovoltaic product manufacturing end and the sudden increase of overseas export volume. " According to the China Photovoltaic Association, this year's export volume of China's photovoltaic products will become the third highest point in history after 2010 and 2011.

In his speech, director Li Junfeng made an optimistic expectation on the development of the photovoltaic industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period. He pointed out that "this year's photovoltaic installed capacity decline is due to the emergence of a policy gap period, and it will take about two years for enterprises to prepare. It is expected that by 2021, the new installed capacity of the photovoltaic industry may exceed 50GW or even higher. The photovoltaic installation is at the end of the 14th Five Year Plan period, and 70GW of the photovoltaic installation may be added every year. Otherwise, it will not be able to meet the national goal of more than 40% of non-fossil energy power generation by 2030. Therefore, all enterprises in the photovoltaic industry need to complete the transition period of this policy as soon as possible. "
In view of the future development of the photovoltaic industry, Li Junfeng said that the photovoltaic industry has made great progress and fully has the foundation to become the main energy. Under such circumstances, the photovoltaic industry must complete the transformation to "high-quality development" in future development. As an important player in the industry, LONGi should play a more important role in this transformation process.

At the meeting, Jiang Dongyu, General Manager of LONGi Supply Chain Management Center, Zhang Li, Director of Audit Risk Control Department, Mu Jin, Senior Strategic Analyst, and Wang Zhen, Director of Financial Management Center, respectively gave speeches on supply chain management, sunshine supply chain and industry strategic analysis, and supply chain finance.
The conference also awarded awards to suppliers who have long supported the development of LONGi and provided high-quality products and services. Twenty-one companies, including Asia-Silicon, DR Laser, Heraeus, and Flat Group, have won four awards, namely, Excellent Quality, High-quality Service, Special Support, and Collaborative Innovation. Nineteen enterprises, including Huawei, OCI, Yong Xiang, and Mei Chang, won the title of "Strategic Partner."
In the afternoon of the conference, the subforums of "Technology Route & Collaborative Innovation" and "Green Development & Quality Improvement" were held respectively. In the subforum of "Technology Route & Collaborative Innovation," Li Wenxue, Vice President of LONGi, Jiang Dongyu, General Manager of Supply Chain Management Center, Duan Yong, Chairman of Yong Xiang, Yinbo, General Manager of Xin Te Energy, Gao Changlu, Senior Vice President of Heraeus, Li Zhigang, Chairman of DR Laser and other supply chain partners jointly discussed "the Value of Collaborative Innovation to Industrial Chain Development in the Context of Technology Iteration" and“ How to Carry Out Industrial Chain Collaborative Innovation "and other issues were discussed.
At the subforum of "Green Development & Quality Improvement," Li Junfeng, Executive Director of China Energy Research Association, made a brilliant introduction with the theme of the responsibility and obligation of climate change to the country and enterprises. Supply chain management executives from well-known global manufacturing enterprises also shared their experience in building a "Green Supply Chain." Chen Pengfei, General Manager of LONGi New Energy, based on the actual case, shared LONGi's expertise and experience in the construction of "Green Factory."
In the dialogue session of the forum, Liu Yaojun, Assistant Secretary-General of the Green Factory Special Committee, Ding Shanshan, General Manager of LONGi Clean Energy, Chen Pengfei, Brand Director of LONGi Co., Ltd., Li Feng, and other guests also exchanged and discussed the significance and necessity of the construction of "Green Supply Chain" and the common maintenance of the industrial brand image of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.
The conference also attracted great attention from the media. Reporters from Bloomberg News, SolarBE, China Energy News, International Energy Network, and other media also covered the conference and interviewed Jiang Dongyu, General Manager of LONGi Supply Chain Management Center, Brand Director Li Feng, and several supplier partners on LONGi supply chain collaborative innovation and green supply chain construction.

Jiang Dongyu, General Manager of LONGi's Supply Chain Management Center, said in an interview, "LONGi is a company that is willing to cooperate with everyone, protect each other, pursue win-win situation and respect intellectual property rights. LONGi has established a collaborative innovation department, which will ensure the development of collaborative innovation through certain mechanisms. LONGi hopes to communicate and cooperate with all enterprises, organizations, and institutions around the world committed to promoting the development of renewable energy to promote the development of the industry and share the growth value.

When asked about "Social Responsibility" and "Green Supply Chain Construction," Li Feng, Brand Director of LONGi, said: "LONGi is an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility. In recent years, LONGi has constantly improved its environmental management system, regularly issued social responsibility reports, and continuously strengthened its investment in social responsibility and environmental protection. LONGi also hopes to promote the green production concept of "Low Carbon and Clean" to the supply chain, drive more industry participants, and make the photovoltaic industry a real green business card. LONGi will also help supply chain partners establish a green production model, form a sound green supply chain system, and jointly promote the realization of low-carbon and even zero-carbon production. "