International Clean Energy Investment and Financing Conference丨Zhong Baoshen: Development of Clean Energy Needs Consensus of Whole Society
Time:2019-10-28 16:40:00
On October 24, 2019, the International Clean Energy Investment and Financing Conference was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. This conference was jointly organized by Xi'an municipal government and China Investment Association. With the theme of "Joint Investment, Co-construction, Win-win, and Sharing," the conference attracted many experts and scholars in clean energy and investment and financing fields at home and abroad to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on promoting clean energy cooperation and sustainable development of energy industry.
Wang Yong, Vice Mayor of Xi'an, delivered an opening speech at the opening ceremony on the morning of the 24th. "At present, the global energy industry is in a critical period of transformation and development. Countries around the world are actively exploring the comprehensive utilization of clean energy and renewable energy, and energy development is facing unprecedented historical opportunities," he said. In his speech, Wang Yong particularly mentioned the achievements of LONGi in the field of photovoltaic: "LONGi has become the champion enterprise in the global monocrystalline silicon industry and one of the leaders in the global photovoltaic industry.”
On day of the conference, Chairman Zhong Baoshen of LONGi attended the "One Belt And One Road" national environment and climate change, and its strategy for sustainable development of clean energy economy "dialogue session, and had an in-depth exchange of views with guests on the current situation of clean energy development under the" One Belt And One Road "initiative, how to promote the reduction of new energy costs, accelerate parity access to the Internet, and how to promote policy optimization through international reference.
During the dialogue, Chairman Zhong Baoshen expressed his views on clean energy utilization and future development. He said that in the past decade, the renewable energy represented by photovoltaic has made rapid development and achieved a significant reduction in the cost of power generation. Not long ago, the grid price of photovoltaic power generation in the Middle East has reached 1.7 cents / kWh, which is also the lowest cost power price in the world.
Zhong Baoshen said that in today's increasingly severe climate problem, it is undoubtedly lucky that the cost of renewable energy has dropped so much. This shows that photovoltaic power generation not only has the ability to solve environmental problems but also becomes the most economical energy type in many regions of the world, which has been able to support the energy demand of national economic development.

He said that for a long time in the past, in the face of climate problems, people always fell into the dilemma of how to balance climate governance and economic development, the main reason being the high cost of using clean energy at that time. Today, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has been greatly reduced, and it has the ability to achieve economic development and improve climate win-win.

When talking about the problems faced by clean energy development, Zhong Baoshen pointed out that "at present, the most critical problem is that there is still no consensus in society." He said that at present, some governments, investors, and the public do not really realize the significant progress made by clean energy in terms of cost, convenience, and coping with climate issues. When the whole society has reached a consensus on these facts, it is believed that everyone will make the right choice for future energy transformation and change.
Participants agreed that the rapid decline in the cost of clean energy power generation represented by photovoltaic would further accelerate the pace of global energy transformation. The whole society needs to form a consensus also, recognize the great help of using clean energy for the future development of mankind, further optimize policies, increase support including "investment and financing," and jointly promote further development of the clean energy industry.