LONGi is Selected into Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Sample Shares
Time:2019-12-05 17:02:00
Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the adjustment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index Sample Stocks, and LONGi shares were selected. LONGi has also become the photovoltaic manufacturing industry and the only enterprise in Shaanxi that has been selected as the 50 sample shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This adjustment will take effect on December 16.
Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 selects the 50 most representative stocks with large scale and good liquidity in the Shanghai stock market to form sample stocks, which are outstanding representatives of high-quality blue-chip stocks and wind vane reflecting positions of mainstream institutions. According to the analysis of relevant institutions, after the adjustment of sample stocks, the total market value coverage of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 to the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 48.76%.
With years of intensive technical accumulation in the field of photovoltaic, the company has achieved full coverage of the photovoltaic industry chain. It is not only the world's largest monocrystalline silicon chip manufacturer but also the top ten module enterprises in the world in terms of module business. The output of monocrystalline modules ranks first in the world for three consecutive years. The company's power station development business has also been carried out steadily. Up to now, the total company scale of the power stations connected to the grid is more than 2GW. In 2016 / 2017 / 2018, the company's operating revenue reached 11.531/16.362/21.988 billion yuan for three consecutive years, with a compound growth rate of 42.30% in the past five years. At present, the market value of the company ranks first in the global photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises.
Before the adjustment, LONGi has been selected into MSCI, FTSE Russell, S & P Dow Jones, Shanghai Stock Exchange 180, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, and other domestic and foreign influential constituent stocks. After this adjustment, LONGi, the stock index of A-share listed companies in Shanghai, has basically been selected.