President Li Zhenguo was Invited to the Award Ceremony of New Fortune Best Analyst and Delivered a Keynote Speech
Time:2019-12-27 17:17:00
On December 25, enjoying a high reputation in China's capital market, the "New Fortune · China Fortune Management Annual Meeting and New Fortune Best Analyst Selection," known as the "Oscar" of investment and research circles, was held grandly in the ancient capital Xi 'an. Nearly a thousand outstanding experts and scholars from all over the world, representatives of professional investment institutions, powerful research lineup of securities firms and representatives of listed companies gathered here to discuss the trend of China's macroeconomy, the trend of global capital flow and the reform of fortune management market passionately.
Su Huchao, director of Shaanxi Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Wang Yong, Vice Mayor of Xi'an Municipal Government, attended and delivered speeches. Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi Co., Ltd., was invited to present awards and keynote speeches to the outstanding analysts.
At the Annual Meeting of New, Fortune Analysts held on the afternoon of the 25th, the results of the 17th New Fortune best analyst selection were announced. Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi Co., Ltd., was invited to present awards to the award-winning team in the field of "New Energy and Power Equipment." Changjiang Securities, Soochow Securities, Zhongtai Securities, Huatai Securities, and China Merchants Securities were respectively awarded the top five in this field.
On the morning of the 26th, Mr. Li Zhenguo attended the "2020 New Global Governance Structure, New Technology Revolution, New Investment Logic Forum" held by New Fortune and delivered a speech on the topic of "Thinking about Energy Structure Transformation and Future Photovoltaic Market Outlook." Li Zhenguo said that in at least 70-80% of countries and regions around the world, photovoltaic had become the cheapest local power energy. The demand logic of photovoltaic development in the future is the superposition of two curves. The first is the incremental curve of global power demand, a large amount of incremental power will be compensated by new energy represented by photovoltaic; the second is considered from the aspect of rapidly decreasing cost.
Li Zhenguo said that nowadays, the development achievements and future development prospects of the photovoltaic industry had gained more and more consensus in the energy industry and even in the world. In the past decade, the growth of the photovoltaic industry is beyond our imagination. In the next decade or two, the photovoltaic industry will also bring a more unimaginable market space. After the speech, all the guests also watched the video of LONGi's concept of "Solar for Solar – Negative Carbon Earth." LONGi's grand vision and responsibility of "Manufacturing Photovoltaic Products with Photovoltaic Energy and Repairing the Earth's Ecology with Clean Energy" were unanimously recognized by the participants.