Same Will, Same Way丨LONGi Holding Hands with Global Energy Leaders to Create a Green Future
Time:2019-10-11 17:28:00
On October 10, Spanish local time, Iberdrola group, one of the world's energy leaders, held the Supplier Partnership Conference of 2019. As LONGi has reliable and efficient photovoltaic products and high-quality services in Núñez de Balboa photovoltaic power generation project, it won the "best supplier" award in 2019, becoming the only photovoltaic enterprise winning the award and the single "Asian face" in the award ceremony.
Mr. Li Zhenguo, President of LONGi, attended the award ceremony. "LONGi has always attached great importance to the cooperative relationship with Iberdrola and made Iberdrola an important global partner," as for winning the "best supplier" award of Iberdrola 2019, Li Zhenguo said: "This reflects the recognition of LONGi products and services by world-class power enterprises, and is also a good start for long-term cooperation between LONGi and Iberdrola to achieve the global sustainable development goals. Iberdrola and we share the same goals and mission in promoting clean energy use and global sustainable development. "
Iberdrola spoke highly of the efficient products and high-quality services provided by LONGi: "Iberdrola has been taking measures to reduce the use of natural resources, and hopes to apply more advanced technologies to invest in more projects in the field of clean energy. Cooperation with LONGi will accelerate the use of renewable energy in Spain and even in Europe. "
With a history of more than 170 years, Iberdrola is one of the leaders in the global energy industry and one of the most valuable power companies in the world. With 30,000 employees, a market value of more than 58 billion euros, and operations in more than 30 countries around the world, the super energy company provides high-quality electric energy for more than 100 million people around the world. What's more, among the world's top energy companies, Iberdrola is one of the strongest supporters of renewable energy development, the largest renewable energy supplier in Europe, and the largest wind power generation enterprise in the world.
Iberdrola is committed to building an energy model that prioritizes human well-being and earth protection, supports the establishment of a zero net carbon emission target by 2050, and firmly believes that the transition to a low emission economy is possible and economically significant. As a leading renewable energy company, Iberdrola has reduced its emissions in Europe by 75% through the large-scale application of renewable energy since 2000, which is nearly 75% lower than the average level of European companies.
By the end of 2018, among the total installed capacity of 47.448GW of the Iberdrola group, 68.2% of the total installed capacity has realized emission-free technology, of which the total installed capacity of renewable energy is 29.18GW. In 2018, Iberdrola generated 61,754GWh of electricity through renewable energy, and 100% of its electricity supply in the UK was generated from renewable energy.
As the world's leading photovoltaic enterprise, LONGi has a high degree of agreement with Iberdrola in promoting the development of renewable energy; with years of technology accumulation in the field of photovoltaic product manufacturing, LONGi also has the world's top single-crystal photovoltaic technology and manufacturing capacity; in addition, LONGi has the highest level of financial stability and financing rating among the global photovoltaic module manufacturers. These coincidences and advantages have been fully reflected in the cooperation between the two sides in the Núñez de Balboa project.
As the world's largest wind power enterprise, Iberdrola has shown great enthusiasm for the construction of photovoltaic power plants in recent years. Its CEO, Galan, said that "solar energy will become a key technology in the energy transformation. Our experience in developing renewable energy also means our ability to integrate this technology into our global portfolio. " The Núñez de Balboa project is an essential project for Iberdrola to enter the photovoltaic power station. The total installed capacity of the project is 500MW, the total investment is nearly 300 million euros, and the annual power generation capacity can reach 832GWh. It is expected to be completed and connected to the grid in 2020.
In 2018, LONGi and Iberdrola reached a cooperation to provide 250MW high-efficiency module products for the Núñez de Balboa photovoltaic project, becoming the most significant module supplier of the project. In the agreement, LONGi high-efficiency single-crystal photovoltaic module products have won the unanimous praise of Iberdrola by virtue of reliable quality, excellent power generation performance, and high-quality service. In the future, Iberdrola will also carry out more in-depth cooperation and exchanges with LONGi on a global scale.
As a firm supporter and promoter of renewable energy development, LONGi has always maintained an open attitude and hopes to carry out exchanges and cooperation with all enterprises and organizations committed to promoting renewable energy development in the world, so as to jointly promote the development of renewable energy industry and sustainable energy structural transformation.